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Macarthur Wedding Photographer David Rich Photography
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I’m a Sydney boy, born and bred, and I’ve been taking photos of my home town since the 1950s. If it wasn’t for my love of photographing weddings, I probably would have retired - but the joy of a wedding day is infectious, and it keeps me young. I have been happily married to my partner and best critic, Jean, for over a quarter of a century. We have six kids and eight grand kids.

I don’t only shoot weddings, of course: in recent years I’ve won awards for wildlife and social photography, worked for tourist groups, for the Department of the Environment, the Salvation Army, GROW Australia and other organisations. My work is also sold through stock agencies.

If you want family or baby or pet photos, I’d be happy to help. School Seniors, too. But really, Weddings are what motivate me to perfect my art, hone my skills and keep me learning. Which doesn’t mean I am using your wedding to “learn how”… I have Qualifications from International Professional Photography bodies:

The Licentiate of the National Photographers Society, and full Membership of The Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, Wedding and Portrait Photographers International,  The Society of
Nature Photographers
and the World Institute of Photographic Masters.

As well as a Diploma in Photography, I have Degrees and Post-Graduate qualifications from the University of Technology (Sydney), the University of Western Sydney, and The University of New England: before to taking up photography full time, I was a Clinical Nurse Consultant. My original research has been published in peer-reviewed journals, I am author of the The Midas Manual of Dual Disorders for Health Professionals; in 2005 I received the Frank Leechburch Award for Excellence in Mental Health Nursing.

You can see my Landscape, Nature and Social photography on permanent display in a number of public buildings in Sydney.